El Tolerio, three kilometers from Villafranca along the former N. VI road- now the secondary road from Villafranca to Cacabelos- was the largest vineyard in El Bierzo.

Its 32 hectares are subdivided into four working areas, acoording to the type of soil and the orientation: Toleiro, Toleiro Superior, Las Chas y Cavanelas. The states which form part of this divisions have been given the names of local uses and customs : "La Poula", "La Xota", "Fumpumbeiro", "Don Ramón", "Las Chas", "La Cabaña", "Caballo Brillante", "Toledos", "El Casar", "La Mota", "Cavanelas", "Cerezales", "Caballo Latoso"y "Viña del Rey".

With the esception of "Cavanelas" and "La Mota" the whole vineyard faces south. In these states faces North-South due to the orography.