In "El Toleiro", in addition to the Mencía, queen of Bierzo, we can find Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Tempranillo, the fine range of multiple hues, encourages creativity with each new harvest. The only white grape variety we grow is Chardonnay.

 Mencía, logically variety majority, are in the estates of  "Cavanelas", "La Mota", "La Xota" y "Don Ramón"  with vines between 15 and 80 years old. Mencia is the typical grape from Bierzo.

Cabernet Sauvignon with an average age of 26 years are in the estates of "La Cabaña", "Caballo Brillante", "El Casar" and "Toledos".

Merlot is in "Las Chas" and its average age is 25 years.

Adaptation of these two varieties has been excellent, with diferent and peculiar grapes to their sisters sprend throughout the world.

Pinot Noir is a difficult variety, capable of the best and the not so good, and this shows us in more than 20 years in¨La Poula" estates. The best years are unforgettable, the other years wine is not bottled of course.

Tempranillo, spread all over the Spain, is not usual in this region, where depending on the soils and  microclimate is adaptedin different ways. the average age is 20 years and is in the estates of "Fumpumbeiro" y "Caballo Latoso", chosen for optima soil adaptation, with surprising results.

Chardonnay , our white grape, is in the estates of "Viña del Rey" y "Cerezales".the average age is more than  20 years, with yields very limited. Is the variety with which most experience. It has always been different and gives us golden wines.