Pérez Caramés





 Althoug our family company was officially constituted by Francisco Pérez Caramés (he was a wise winemaker, that loved to walk in the mountains, valleys, rivers and streams and to write his adventures) in 1986, our experience in the cultivation of vines and the making of high qualtiy wines goes back over 40 years.




We always adhere to the following norms:

1. Be truthful

2. Sell only wines which we ourselves would drink.

3. Respect the enviroment.

4. Combat alcoholism.

5. Interest everybody, but particulary young people, in the wealth of values, within sobriety and good taste, that vines and the wine represent in our culture.

6. Open up our wine cellars and vineyards to all those wishing to see, hear, touch, smell and taste.