How to Serve the Wine



TEMPERATURES at wich to serve the Wines

Young white wines   6º-8º C.                                    Red wines over two years old   16º-18º C.

                                                  Rose wines           10º-12º C.                                       Vintage white wines                9º-11º C.

                                                  Young red wines   14º-16º C.                                         Vintage red wines                      18º C.





• Use glasses with bowls that narrow towards the rim. They should be clear, uncut and colourless.
• Cut the cap around the neck before removing the cork.
• Turn the corkscrew; never turn the bottle.
• Serve delicately. If the person to serve is at the table, he should pour himself a small quantity and then continue serving according to etiquette. The neck of the bottle should not be allowed to rest on the glass, and the amount served should be at least half a glass. If the person to serve stands up to do so he should place himself to the right of each guest, even among friends.
• Vintage red wines should be served in a basket. They should be opened between 10 and 30 minutes before serving, according to age. Wine generally contains sediments if it has been kept for years. For this reason, it should be served with care, and he final contens of the bottle be left unused, so that the wine remains clear.
• Just one wine is sufficient for daily use at home and in informal meals with friends. In celebrations, or when the menu requires it, two wines – one white or rosé and one red, for example- are absolutely necessary. On rally special occasions a third should be included. This could be a vintage red wine to accompany the final savoury course or carefullly selected cheese board. The order followed would be from the palest to the darkest, from the lighter wines to the fuller ones. Any excess in new flavours would be to abandon the stomach and good taste.
• For each new bottle- albeit of the same make and year-, different glasses; or at least, if the year is the same, finish what is left in your glass of the first bottle before refilling it. This is becaruse there are not good wines, but good bottles of wine.

There are many reasons for toasting before drinking a good wine. For  wine is drunk not of necessity, but for satisfaction.