Our Wines

Enjoy with the wine in moderation,as with all precious things. 

 Mankind now realises that its own self-respect entails respecting its natural surroundings. The Twenty First Century will unquetionably be the century of Ecology. For years on our farmstead, El Toleiro, the marvellous pace of the natural sequence of events has gone unaltered; the plain aesthetics of this attitude, of this thinking about life, while certainly not new, needs all of our support to be revived. Since 1995harvest, we are producing not only very high quality, but biological wines i.e., made from grapes cultivated under Ecological Agriculture conditions and with our wine production to our own grape harvest.

 Casar de Valdaiga are red Mencía wines with D.O. Bierzo. The first time  in the market was in 1976, thirteen years before the creation of the D.O. Bierzo, becoming in those years in a strong bet to quality. This wine is suggestive of the rural and gracious "Bierzo" style homestead- an island in a sea of vineyards- where the farmer lives and keeps his plough and other tools and where wild flowers are allowed to grow.

 El Vino de los Cónsules de Roma. The first vintage was in 1993. Red Mencia organic wine with D.O. Bierzo. Its fermentation is carried out as it was 2000 years ago, but usin modern technology which respects the natural features of the wine and heightens its very peculiar aromatic traits. It has CAECYL certificate.

 Casar de Santa Inés organic wines out of the D.O. Bierzo, where we use grape varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Tempranillo with Mencía, and we use too Chardonnay for white wines. The 1992 vintage was the first in the market. Extraordinary range of very high quality wines, but not all the years the wines go to the market. They have CAECYL certificate.



Casar de Valdaiga El Vino de los Cónsules de Roma Casar de Santa Inés